Vitalis Consulting obtained the Energy Performance Certificate for Euro Tower

May 21, 2010

Vitalis Consulting recently obtained the Energy Performance Certificate for Euro Tower, unit located in 11 Dinu Vintila Street. According to law no. 372/ 2005, applied starting with 1 January 2010, for any transaction closed on the real estate market (delivering, lease, sale), the Energy Performance Certificate becomes mandatory. The law requires that the owner present to the potential owners or Lessee certificates to inform them about the energy performance of the units.

In order to obtain the certificates, several documents are necessary: the construction execution documents of DDE (architecture, structure, installations), in electronic format, access to the building and technical support during the consultant’s visit is also of essence in this exercise. On top of the traditional services, Vitalis is also offering specialized services, grants support and assistance in the obtaining of the energy performance certificates. So far, Vitalis Consulting obtained such certificates for clients such as ACMS, Adama, etc.

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