Energy certificates for dwellings, delayed by one year

Feb 24, 2010

Government has decided to delay by one year until January 1 2011, the application of the law which requires the introduction of energy certificates upon the sale or rental of dwellings, shows an emergency ordinance of the Executive.

"The provisions of Article 23 of Law 372/2005 regarding energetic performance of buildings, and the requirement of building energy performance certificates which the owner must make available to potential buyers or tenants, when selling or renting single family homes and apartments in blocks of flats, shall apply as of January 1st, 2011" revealed the document, quoted by NewsIn.

Recently, the National Union of Public Notaries of Romania (UNNPR) required the Government to postpone the application of the law which required the introduction of energy certificates as of January 2010 in order to buy, sell or purchase dwellings, justifying that this measure would raise the price of old dwellings by at least 5-10% and would block the market.

Another reason mentioned by UNNPR was the delay caused by inability of energy auditors to respond to requests, the list being very low. Whereas there are 176 auditors in Bucharest, there are 3 in Giurgiu, one for Ilfov, Calarasi and Ialomita, and none in Teleorman.

Source: Wallstreet

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